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  Advertising tariffs of "Tara i upakovka" magazine 

“He who owns the information – owns the world”

Our magazine is read not only in Russia but also in other EEU member countries (Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan).

Starting in 2016 we launch the electronic version of the magazine in addition to the printed version.

Our address:
6, Suvorovskaya str., Moscow, 107023, Russia
E-mail: ,;
Tel/fax: +7 (495) 644-04-03; 644-04-02.

 Format   Advertising tariffs, EURO 
       Yellow pages 

 (1/1 от А4)
Tape area 182х257 мм.

 1500   -------- 

 (1/2 от А4)
Tape area 182х126 мм.
Tape area 89х257 мм.

 1000   -------- 

 (1/3 от А4)
Tape area 182х79 мм.
Tape area 57х257 мм.

 600   -------- 

 (1/4 от А4)
Tape area 89х126 мм.

 500   450 

 (1/8 от А4)
Tape area 89х61 мм.

 400   350 

Attention! The above rates do not include advertising agency commission.

     "Tara i upakovka" (6 issues a year) - package and packaging magazine. It deals with packaging machinery, materials, package designing, logistics problems and all issues pertinent to packaging industry.
     "Tara i upakovka" is the best way of promoting your company and products in russia and the other members of the CIS.

"TARA I UPAKOVKA" MAGAZINE, 11A,6, Suvorovskaya st.,Moscow,107023, Russia
Tel./fax: +7 (495) 644-04-02, (495) 644-04-03. 

Advertising office in Europe:
Tel.+49-2129-34 83 90 , Fax: + 49-2129-34 83 910
E-mail: - Mrs Sabine Dussey

Advertising office in Israel:
Tel./fax: +72 2 583 20 85
E-mail: - Mr Nahum Grinberg

  The form of presenting the advertising materials

A. - for IBM PC

1. file in TIF format of in any other raster graphics format. Such a file must be of a real size with the resolution of 300 dpi. For large ad formats (1 or 1/2 page) 5 mm must be added to each side for cutting;

B. - for Apple Macintosh

1. file in TIF, EPS format of in any other raster format. The file must be of a real size with the resolution of 300 dpi and must be converted to the colour CMYK model;
2. file in Adobe Illustrator format. All types must be converted to curves (Create outlines)!
3. Imposition in QuarkXPress with illustrations (see B1 and B2) and all types.

     Text materials for articles and advertising must be sent in .doc format for Word 7.0 but better in .txt format (Save as..., text DOS). Do not impose in Word format by no means because it complicates the preparation of the text or the imposition very much. The text must not contain any illustrations and graphs, they must be presented as separate files (see point A and B).

The text must be composed in the following way:
  • the whole text is composed in line (do not simulate the multi-column composition);
  • it must be only one fitting (!);
  • avoid the indents;
  • each new paragraph is separated by pressing the key "Enter";
  • each column of the table must be composed in line (for a precise reproduction of the table it is necessary to present its original image as a file of listing).

Version of programs that are not older than:
Adobe Photoshop - 4.0, Adobe Illustrator - 7.0, Free Hand - 7.0,
QuarkXPress - 3.32, Corel Draw - 7.0, Word - 7.0

Advertising materials must be sent on carriers:
Floppy disk - 3.5'' 1.44 Mb,
Magneto-optical disk - 3.5'' 640 Mb or 5.25'' - 1.3 Gb,
ZIP disk - 3.5 '' 100 Mb,
SyQuest - 5.25'' 44 Mb
CD - 640 Mb

     Dear advertisers, we ask you to take account of both the print area of the magazine page: 190x270 mm and its bleed page 210x290 mm when you prepare your ad blocks. The text must not exceed the format of the information format!


index about contens for readers for advertiser electronic version